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Abdullah Novel Exploration of Life’s True Purpose (Book Summary & Review)

    Summary and Review of Book Abdullah Novel

    Hashim Nadeem’s classic novel Abdullah (عبداللہ) is a rare gem in Urdu literature. Its phenomenal success can be gauged from the fact that it has been the best-selling novel in Pakistan. This novel not only captivated the readers but was also critically acclaimed.

    The main theme of Abdullah novel is the search for true love ( عشق حقیقی). This is a novel that goes beyond the mundane and physical aspect of love and reaches the destination of spiritual love and disconnection from divinity.

    In this novel, the author has described the bitter truth of human life that true love and true peace is found only in separation from the creator of the universe.

    In this novel, the story of the main character Sahir’s spiritual journey is presented. He initially falls in love with a beautiful girl named Zahra, but eventually finds true love. It is a wonderful literary and spiritual journey that has touched millions of hearts and guided them towards divinity.

    Summary Of The Story

    The main character Sahir (ساحر) belongs to a rich and noble family. At the beginning of his life, he falls in love with a beautiful and innocent girl named Zahra (زہرہ). The beauty and purity of Venus attracts Sahir. But this love is not only based on physical feelings but also a spiritual passion.

    This love of Sahir goes beyond physical pleasures and turns into a search for real love. The role of an elderly and spiritual person named Sultan Baba is very important in this journey. Sultan Baba explains to Sahir the difference between worldly love and true love. They tell him that true peace and love can only be found in connection with the Creator of the universe.

    In this journey of Sahir, various secrets, facts and shocking events take place. Under the guidance of Sultan Baba, he succeeds in reaching the destination of true love. Thus this story begins with a mortal love and ends with eternal love.

    Critical Review

    Hashim Nadeem’s writing style is unique and charming. He has counted his words very hard in this novel. His sentences are very disturbing and attract the attention of the reader. He has also presented the finer details with great delicacy.

    The style of the story captures the reader. Suspense has been created at the end of each chapter that makes the reader want to know the next story. Each character shines in its place. Various characters and events add a colorful touch to the story.

    Sultan Baba’s role is particularly prominent. His spiritual personality and guidance play a very important role in Sahir’s journey to true love. By delving deeply into their thoughts and ideas, you will discover the real goals and true pursuits of life.

    Hashim Nadeem has beautifully presented the concept of real love in this novel. He emphasizes that man’s quest cannot be limited to a mortal beloved. True love and true peace can only be found in connection with the Creator. He has presented this concept through the story in a very interesting and attractive way.

    Final Talk

    Abdullah is such an influential Islamic novel that I would encourage everyone to read.. It is not only a wonderful story but also a perfect interpretation of the true purpose and real quest of human life. After reading this book you will be forced to open your spiritual eyes.

    Technically, Hashim Nadeem’s writing style is unparalleled. His words captivate the reader. The story style is so engaging that you won’t want to put it down. Thematically, this book is also very important. The concept of Ishq -E-Haqeeqi is the soul of this book.

    One of the main reasons for the success of this novel is its main idea True love for Allah. This is a rare subject which has not been given much attention by ancient and modern writers. The second major reason is the excellent writing style of Hashim Nadeem (ہاشم ندیم). He has presented this subject in a very eloquent and attractive manner.

    So Abdullah is such a classical influence that is not only a funny story but also interprets the true goals of human life. Reading it will be a spiritual experience for everyone.

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