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Ab Tum Hi Ho Novel By Malaika Rafi

    Ab Tum Hi Ho Novel By Malaika Rafi

    Ab Tum Hi Ho (اب تم ہی ہو) is a book written by Malaika Rafi. It’s a story about love and the challenges it brings.

    The main character is Shah Meer, a rich college student who loves his teacher, Zarlish. Shah Meer has difficulty connecting emotionally with people, but he is attracted to Zarlish because she is beautiful and kind.

    However, Zarlish is already with someone else, and many social rules and other problems make it hard for Shah Meer to be with her. The book shows how Shah Meer deals with his love for Zarlish, which is not returned.

    We see his pain, happiness, and hope. The writer, Rafi, uses beautiful words to make us feel what Shah Meer feels.

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    The story ends in a way that makes us think about how the people we meet can change our lives. It makes us wonder about love, fate, and the memories left by people we care about.

    The book helps us understand Shah Meer’s feelings and makes us think about the mysteries of love and the lasting impact of people in our lives.

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