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Aakhri Chattan Novel By Naseem Hijazi

    Aakhri Chattan Novel By Naseem Hijazi

    Aakhri Chattan is a famous book by Naseem Hijazi. It came out in 1963.

    The story is about Genghis Khan, an authoritarian Mongol leader. He attacked many places in Central Asia.

    The book shows how Khwarizmi Shah Jalal-ud-Din bravely fought against Genghis Khan’s army. He never gave up to the Mongols.

    The story has three prominent people. Jalal-ud-Din, the brave Khwarizmi Shah, fights the Mongols.

    Genghis Khan, the harsh Mongol leader, wants to conquer Jalal-ud-Din’s land. Tahir bin Yusuf, a young Arab, leaves Baghdad to help Jalal-ud-Din.

    Tahir tries to warn the people of Baghdad about the danger. But no one listens.

    They need to be more busy with minor problems. Jalal fights hard against the Mongols.

    Genghis Khan starts to respect him. The book shows the bad things the Mongols did through Tahir’s eyes.

    The book tells a story of bravery and standing up to bullies. It shows how being divided can make us weak against significant threats.

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    Hijazi writes about battle chaos and daily life in old Islamic times. “Aakhri Chattan” is written in simple yet beautiful Urdu.

    It is one of Hijazi’s best books. It brings to life an essential time in Muslim history.

    This book is excellent for anyone who likes history or exciting stories.

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