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Aainon Ka Shehar Novel By Faiza Iftikhar

    Aainon Ka Shehar Novel By Faiza Iftikhar

    Aainon Ka Shehar(آئینوں کا شہر) is a social romantic Urdu novel by Pakistani writer Faiza Iftikhar, set against traditional Pakistani cultural norms. The story revolves around a Pakistani family, focusing on Nafees Ali Khan and his wife Amees, as Babar Humayun and Gul Mehar disrupt their happy domestic life.

    The novel explores trust, betrayal, ambition, and selfishness through a turbulent domestic situation in urban Pakistan. Iftikhar’s writing style and narration technique are known for their fluent prose and understanding of human nature.

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    Despite conforming to formulaic tropes of popular fiction, Aainon Ka Shehar scores for avoiding excessive melodrama and adding credibility to the narrative.

    It proves Iftikhar’s mettle as an influencer of popular fiction writing in Urdu, addressing pertinent social issues and providing a breezy reading experience for Urdu book lovers.

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