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Aag Novel By Razia Butt

    Aag Novel By Razia Butt

    Aag (آگ) is an Urdu novel by Razia Butt, a social romantic novel that follows the story of childhood friends Ahmar and Rameen, who are expected to marry each other. After Rameen’s rejection, Ahmar becomes dejected and turns to revenge, conspiring to depict her photograph as unchaste falsely.

    However, his plan leads to a tragic outcome, as the venom of revenge destroys both their lives. The novel explores the corrosive effects of wounded pride and love spurned, with Ahmar’s insecurities and jealousy fueling his vengeful conspiracy.

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    The novel’s writing style alternates between past and present-day events, revealing insights into Ahmar and Rameen’s deeply embedded relationship. Critics have pointed out that Rameen’s choices appear socially regressive, making her less sympathetic than Ahmar.

    Overall, Aag is a compelling saga of passion and revenge, highly recommended for fans of introspective fiction.

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